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"Principal trumpet Mark Inouye outdid even his own high standards, delivering the best opening fanfare, and many other solo passages, that I’ve ever heard in the work."
       Jeff Dunn, Sept. 2012 San Francisco Classical Voice
       Mahler - Symphony No. 5

"The orchestra, too, sounded at its finest. Each time Shostakovich returned to that lugubrious trumpet figure, principal trumpeter Mark Inouye delivered it with grace and eloquence."
        Joshua Kosman, Sept. 2012 San Francisco Chronicle
        Shostakovich - Symphony No. 11

"In the ovation that followed, there was a small, significant episode that caught my eye: when Bychkov who generously shared the applause both with individual musicians and the whole orchestra motioned to Inouye to stand, the principal trumpet turned to the rest of the section and waited until they stood with him. Bravo!"
        Janos Gereben, Sept. 2012 San Francisco Classical Voice
        Shostakovich - Sympohny No. 11

"Principal trumpeter Mark Inouye endowed the solo part with heartbreaking lyricism."
        Joshua Kosman, May 2012  San Francisco Chronicle
        Mahler - Blumine

"...was a dreamy voyage launched by a three-minute trumpet solo from eloquent principal Mark Inouye."
        Andrew Patner, Mar. 2012  Chicago Sun-Times
        Cowell - Synchrony

"Henry Cowell’s “Synchrony began with a sinuous, stunningly shaded extended trumpet solo by trumpet principal Mark Inouye."
        Susan Isaacs Nisbett, Mar. 2012  Ann Arbor.com
        Cowell - Synchrony

"...and trumpeter Mark Inouye brought his trademark warmth and suavity to the fisherman's song."
        Joshusa Kosman, Mar. 2012  San Francisco Chronicle
        Stravinksy - Le Chant du Rossignol

"...A Concord Symphony is turning out to be a real showcase for the entire orchestra, though several players deserve special mention ... trumpeter Mark Inouye ... whose pure sound might have been floating over Walden Pond in Thoreau, the last movement."
        Richard Scheinin, Mar. 2012  San Jose Mercury News
        Ives - A Concord Symphony

"There were excellent solo contributions ... especially trumpeter Mark Inouye, whose every turn in the spotlight these days seems to elicit greatness."
        Joshua Kosman, Oct. 2011  San Francisco Chronicle
        Stravinsky - Petroushka

"...the scherzo graced by a breathtakingly beautiful posthorn solo delivered from the upper terrace by principal trumpeter Mark Inouye."
        Joshua Kosman, Sept. 2011  San Francisco Chronicle
        Mahler - Symphony No. 3

"...from the opening brass chorale to Mark Inouye's phenomenal, offstage, posthorn-imitating trumpet..."
        Janos Gereben, Sept. 2011  San Francisco Classical Voice
        Mahler - Symphony No. 3

"Copland's "Billy the Kid" Suite was an apt opener, full of zesty rhythms and tuneful interchanges. A stunningly beautiful solo by principal trumpeter Mark Inouye capped the performance's success."
         Joshua Kosman, Sept. 2011  San Francisco Chronicle
         Copland - Billy the Kid

"The gleaming tone, pinpoint intonation and evocative phrasing of principal trumpet Mark Inouye's solos in excerpts from Act III of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" were the talk of the board meeting during the concurrent annual conference of the Music Critics Association of North America."
        Barbara Jepson, Sept. 2011  Wall Street Journal
        Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake

"A striking yet muted, minute-long trumpet solo by Inouye. It alone was worth the price of admission, the way he played it: This initial material was so inherently interesting that nothing better could be added during the remaining 12 minutes of the work. "
        Jeff Dunn, Dec. 2010  San Francisco Classical Voice
        Cowell - Synchrony

"The program began with Henry Cowell's "Synchrony," from 1930, beginning with plangent solo trumpet from Mark Inouye, who was superb all evening..."
        Richard Sheinin, Dec. 2010  San Jose Mercury News
        Cowell - Synchrony

"The piece starts with a long and fascinating solo for muted trumpet - eloquently rendered by principal Mark Inouye."
        Joshua Kosman, Dec. 2010  San Francisco Chronicle
        Cowell - Synchrony

". . . played with full dynamic force by the San Francisco Symphony’s potent brass section. Classy playing came particularly from trumpeter Mark Inouye..."
        Dan Leeson, Feb. 2010  San Francisco Classical Voice
        Bruckner - Symphony No. 6

"...all of the musicians were exceptional, with Mark Inouye making some brilliant sounds on trumpet."
        Phillip Cambell, Feb. 2010  Bay Area Reporter
        Stravinsky - Octet

"...the oratorio closed with a crashing of heaven's gates, with mounting fanfares impeccably led by principal trumpet Mark Inouye."
         Richard Scheinin, Nov. 2009 The Mercury News
         J.S. Bach - Christmas Oratorio

"Mark Inouye's dynamic opening trumpet blast, which promised great things."
         Joshua Kosman, Oct. 2009 San Francisco Chronicle
         Mahler - Symphony No. 5

"Inouye's offstage solo was a highlight of the evening, a sustained in- strumental song at once delicate, soaring, and heartwrenchingly pure."
         Stevin Winn, Sept. 2009  SF Classical Voice
         Mahler - Symphony No. 3

"...a luminous offstage posthorn solo by principal trumpeter Mark Inouye."
         Joshua Kosman, Sept. 2009  San Francisco Chronicle
         Mahler - Symphony No. 3

"...principal trumpet Mark Inouye played a measure or two of La Valse that was so perfectly executed - bright sound, flawless rhythm, just a great feel to it."
         Richard Scheinin, Sept. 2009  The Mercury News
         Ravel - La Valse

"The Kijé music elicited some of the orchestra's most transcendent playing of the festival, spearheaded by luminous solos from trumpeter Mark Inouye."
           Joshua Kosman, June 2007 San Francisco Chronicle
           Prokofiev - Lt. Kijé Suite 

"The finely wrought cameos of the orchestra . . . the exquisite, muted trumpet work of Mark Inouye."
           Richard Scheinin, Feb. 2007 San Jose Mercury News
           Claude Debussy - Nocturnes

"Inouye delivers one heck of an impressive and compelling debut...Full of fire and fun to listen to..."
           Edward Blanco, Nov. 2006 eJazzNews.com
           The Trumpet & The Bull

"The Planets...highlighted the orchestra's power, particularly in the complicated trumpet passages ably performed by Principal Trumpet Mark Inouye, as well as its more trans-parent and gauzy textures in solo passages."
            Allison Young, June 2006  Arts Houston Magazine
            Gustav Holst - The Planets

"His often brilliant - sounding tone was tautly focused.  His legato playing was sweet and supple."
            Charles Ward, Feb. 2005 Houston Chronicle
            Tartini Violin Concerto arr. for trumpet

"Inouye's playing, brilliant and buoyant"
            Allan Ulrich, May 2001 San Francisco Chronicle
            Jazz concert

"Inouye gave a suave, honey-toned account of the score."
            James Roos,  Oct. 1999 Miami Herald
            Haydn Trumpet Concerto