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The Lady Bull
"Mark Inouye played the slow movement’s trumpet solos eloquently."
     Lisa Hirsch, Feb 2023  San Francisco Chronicle
     George Gershwin - Piano Concerto

"The opening of the first movement practically detonated on the stage of the hall, driven by the imperious gleam of principal trumpeter Mark Inouye’s superb initial solo."
     Joshua Kosman, April 2022  San Francisco Chronicle
     Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5

"Principal trumpet Mark Inouye led the way brilliantly in the piercing solos of the opening Trauermarsch"
     Lisa Hirsch, April 2022  San Francisco Classical Voice
     Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5

"Inouye’s peerless technique, gleaming tone and interpretive fervor have been assets in all kinds of repertoire, from the Baroque to the contemporary...Inouye rose to the challenge superbly, lofting high blazes of color and delivering the main theme of the finale with cutting exuberance."
     Joshua Kosman, July 2021  San Francisco Chronicle
     Franz Joseph Haydn - Trumpet Concerto in Eb 

"A gorgeous setting of Immer wieder...a demurely sweeping melody, sweetly taken up by Mark Inouye’s singing trumpet."
     Steven Winn, Jan 2020  San Francisco Classical Voice
     Tilson Thomas - Rilke Songs

"Mussorgsky “Pictures at an Exhibition,” enlivened by strong, precise solos from principal trumpeter Mark Inouye."
     Joshua Kosman, Oct 2019  San Francisco Chronicle
     Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

"Mark Inouye, principal trumpet, performed a moving solo throughout Part I and perfected an extremely colorful vibrato."
     Francesca Hodges, October 2019  The Daily Californian
     Paul Hindemith - Concert Music for String Orchestra and Brass

"The fierce “Rondo-Burleske” drew strength from the heroism of principal trumpeter Mark Inouye, who brought terrifying force to the opening measures and returned midway through for a luminous soliloquy."
     Joshua Kosman, June 2019  San Francisco Chronicle
     Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 9

"The finale, launched by trumpeter Mark Inouye with a blazing initial fanfare, felt like a summing-up of the entire concert."
     Joshua Kosman, October 2018  San Francisco Chronicle
     Antonín Dvorak - Symphony No. 8

"...when the ballet score was marking time and one wished for dancers, it seemed as though principal trumpeter Mark Inouye was always there to save the day with a heel-clicking Spanish dance tune, a legato Russian folksong, or a nose-thumbing jeer from the sassy puppet."
     David Wright, October 2018  New York Classical Review
     Igor Stravinsky - Petrushka

"Note the fast blazoning trumpet solo by Mark Inouye for the Ballerina Dance." 
     Harry Rolnick, October 2018  ConcertoNet.com
     Igor Stravinsky - Petrushka

"The orchestra's principal trumpet, Mark Inouye brought to the solo something resembling but not jazz, something resembling but not soulful klezmer. He made it his own."
      Mark Swed, March 2018  Los Angeles Times
      Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5

"...trumpeter Mark Inouye and percussionist Jacob Nissly performed with sensitivity and elan, an eclectic, culture-spanning sensibility, and lively sense of humor emerged."
     Steven Wynn, February 2018  San Francisco Classical Voice
     André Jolivet - Heptade for Trumpet & Percussion